Full Swing Aids

6.99 - 9.99

Use RH or LH. Get the full packaged product or the 'frame only' version. Click the drop-down to see the options.

A white plastic frame that comes with a built in grip for practice or may be applied to your own clubs. Learn the relationship between the hands and the clubface as you make your swing.

The product includes an instructional DVD and booklet and may be used both right and left handed. Alternately you can just purchase the frame and use it with your own club.

TRUESWING FRAME ONLY  - White plastic frame only. Snaps onto your golf grip.
TRUESWING PLUS GRIP -  Full packaged white plastic frame with grip on a dowel and DVD. 

Alternately click here to see a video showing the TrueSwing in use. Note: Video is by Dr. Eric Wilson of Keiser University.