Welling Putt Putting Mats

Welling Putt Putting Mats

Putting Aids

$139.00 - $449.00

For the first time ever, you will have to pass the hole and finish behind in the "welling putt zone" or the "good putt zone"

The design of Welling Putt has been based on the theories of Alain Berthoz who advanced the hypothesis that " The memory of space in fact calls on a memory of movement, this being based on body movements associated with visual points of reference"

A good putt is the result of a good aim and the right speed

Putting represents 30-45% of all strokes(for the lowest estimations) made during 18 holes. Yet, in the hour that precedes the first tee, the great majority of players will spend 45 minutes driving practice, making a dozen chips, but hardly putt at all.

Welling Putt® allows you, not just to putt (as all mats do!) but to learn to putt and to putt well! You can work an alignment, touch, routine and particularly speed

A good putt is the result of a good aim and the right speed. This is why Welling Putt was designed with two directions of play.


The important concept to note here is that your brain acts as a simulator to constantly anticipate and project what will happen. Through constant repitition using the Well Putt mat the player can learn improved direction and perfect distance control by projecting the Welling Putt mats design onto their next putt creating a visual framework. Consistent practice with the numerous drills provided will greatly improve your ability to see the line and feel the proper distance. Well Putt is the ultimate mat for any avid player or golf academy.

For the first time a training mat proposes a practical visualization of the distances represented by the different zones on the mat. In its association with structured and supervised exercises, the brain memorizes movement, strength and speed of stroke, in function with each designated zone of space. The proposed exercises thus offer a perfect learning technique and a spatial memorization which the golfer will sub-consciously use when in a real game of golf, these data being neurologically assimilated. Facing the hole, the brain will simulate virtually the mat zone on the green.

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Thus conveying the spatial benchmarks necessary to the appreciation of distance. The exercises and routine absorbed by the brain will enable it to manage a precise and priorly memorized shot. Only the green speed will add a new putting parameter. Advance knowledge of this green speed will be necessary to complete the neurological understanding of the player (reconnaissance of the course, prior practice.)

The absence of visual benchmarks often seems to be a major obstacle in placing the putter. The brain has a natural tendency to try and find physical reference points (blade of grass, leaf, pebble) in order to create mental guidance markers to associate them with a distance. It must then apply an adapted muscular movement. This combination is often full of complexity and rarely managed first time round, the brain not having been able to analyze the parameters and create its mental mapping. This handicap is worsens when the body has neither memorized a simultaneous muscular action.

It is thus indispensable to bring to the brain, and this, beforehand, the spatial reference points that it will memorize and then apply pre-defined club movements which it will put in reserve like a reference data bank. The totality of these reference points (both spatial and muscular) will allow it, when playing, to refer sub-consciously to known data that it may select and reproduce.

It is significant that, during a putting practice session, one often sees all the putted balls finish up at the same place as the first one. Indeed the first putt is an estimation made by the brain during which it has analyzed all the guidance markers in coordination with the making of muscular movement. Our brain is an extraordinary computer capable of analyzing in a few thousandths of a second all the data to which it is confronted.

Below is a brief video overview (in French) of some of the Welling Putts features. There are three models to choose from depending on your room size, practice needs and budget. The mats are imported from France and are well worth the cost given all the benefits they provide.

Each mat comes with drills and scoring sheets and roll up for easy storage. If you have been looking for a putting mat, don't spend $50 on something that will fall apart. Invest in your game and start better putting today!