WellPutt Putting Mat - Classic Green

Size: 10 Feet
Sale price$89.99 USD Regular price$149.99 USD

The Wellputt Classic Putting Mat: Improve your putting game with this scientifically accurate mat that's endorsed by Jordan Spieth's coach.

The Wellputt Classic Putting Mat is loaded with features to help you improve your putting game, including:

    • Multiple visual aids for body and putter head alignment, stroke amplitude, and eye positioning
    • 2 play directions: accuracy & distance control
    • "Good zone - Bad zone" for training pace
  • The roll, speed, and feel of a real-life green at 10/11.5ft stamp
  • Wellputt App for iOS & Android including 50 practice exercises
  • Lifetime guarantee. UV resistant. Easy to clean, easy to store

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, the Wellputt Classic Putting Mat is the perfect way to improve your putting game. Order yours today!

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