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A good posture means a good swing !

Good posture starts by:

  • Knowing where to place the ball
  • Knowing how to place your feet with reference to the club
  • Knowing how to line up both shoulders perpendicular to the ball

It is difficult to do this without help and without verification. How should you gauge the correct width of stance? How can you be sure that your shoulders are lined up? And after a lesson, how do you ingran what you have learned from your video or coach?

Wellstance is a unique combination of all these fundamentals. It has been designed along the same lines of thought as the Welling-putt: to graphically register the mental image of the bodies movements, develop perfectly calibrated movements for the exercise, to give you confidence that you are properly setup, squared up and ready to make a perfect shot! Use woods, hybrids, and irons on the Wellstance. It's easy to find your perfect setup left or right-handed. Note: Choose RH or LH when in the dropdown above when ordering.

Use at home or on the range."

Designed for driving range practice, Wellstance aims to rapidly improve your swing, by promoting proper fundamentals (position, shoulder alignment, width of stance).

Technical Data

Length : 2ft 3in
Width : 1ft
Weight : 21 oz

Use: To be placed on grass or mat driving practices.
Instructions for use: Refer to the « Wellstance aids" section

Black bag with hand grips for transport

WELLSTANCE will bring many solutions to your over-all game:

  • Available right or left-handed
  • Further develop your swing by being perfectly lined up with your target
  • Efficiently gain power and precision
  • Rapidly becomes an essential tool for weekly practice sessions
  • Easy to use for golfers of all game levels