When Golf is a Ball (by Dr. Gary Wiren)

When Golf is a Ball (by Dr. Gary Wiren)

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Golf has led Gary Wiren to walk on the Great Wall of China, in the tulip gardens of Holland, up the Tobel in Switzerland, around the Coliseum in Italy, and within the royal grounds in Denmark; to enjoy a sauna in Finland, eat sauerkraut and dumplings in the Czech Republic, teach to beauty pageant contestants in Curacao, chase dingoes in the Australian outback, sing in Singapore, taste a Sacher torte in Austria, gamble at the casino in Monaco, fish the lakes of New Zealand, dine with geishas in Japan, and sail the Mediterranean. In all of these exotic locales, he has found something very familiar in the eyes of his hosts: a delight in the great game of golf.

Wiren's myriad encounters with that delight provide the experiences, stories, quotes, quips, and observations that make up the content of When Golf is a Ball. It's an anecdote-filled mother lode of great golf lore.

When Golf is a Ball was given the "Golf Book of the Year" award by the International Network of Golf. If you love golf and golf stories, don't miss "WHEN GOLF IS A BALL".