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X36 Pro Putt Trainer

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Instructors and Coaches, how do you make it so your students and athletes want to practice putting?
We know you have to make it interesting… compelling… challenging… rewarding; you have to motivate and stimulate your student or athlete so they'll want to practice. To achieve this, you need something new and visually stimulating… you need a program… you need an edge… that will captivate your student and make it intriguing, fun and rewarding to practice putting.


SO, let's begin with the PUTTING MECHANICS CIRCLE!

Unmatched simplicity to make your life easier, period!

The Putting Mechanics Circle motivates, stimulates and adds dynamics to your putting program;
this is where New Technology proves it's worth.

The Putting Mechanics Circle begins with: Step 1 Under the Line, Step 2 Groove Your Stroke (true putting path training)
Step 3 The Gate Drill and the final step of the Putting Mechanics Circle is the Lane Drill

What makes up the x36 Putting Program?

First, the program begins with teaching correct putting mechanics with the Putting Mechanics Circle then transitions into a method of putting mechanic reinforcement we call assisted to unassisted putting. These first 5 steps are the foundation of the program, once understood and executed well, you will have a student that's prepared to learn the finer points of putting.

Within the first 5 steps undoubtedly the biggest break through is step 2, Groove Your Stroke which enables you to actually monitor and correct the "putting path" of the putting stroke. This has been talked about for years and for the first time you'll actually be able to teach to this skill.

Here is what the "Groove Your Stroke" drill looks like up close

Step 2 "Groove Your Stroke" drill, the student's putter is in the follow through of the putting stroke.
You will notice a slight bending of the lower tether, indicating a pulling during follow through.


ANOTHER BREAKTHROUGH- Putting Mechanics Reinforcement

The next major breakthrough would be step five; putting mechanics reinforcement, what we term assisted to unassisted putting. This is achieved by the student putting in a modified circle drill where they putt with the tether then without the tether as they move around the x36 Pro Putt Trainer. This approach of assisted to unassisted putting is instrumental in having the student understand and actually FEEL the setup. Once they internalize the correct positioning and alignment, you'll be able to take them to the next level of putting skill; that being speed and distance control.

Assisted to Unassisted putting; the student is under the tether putting, next they would step to the ball that does not have a tether. In this example the student is actually closer to the cup when putting with the tether than without;
this is an Instructors/Coaches preference

A NEW TWIST on a Tried & True - The Circle Drill

Step 6 is the Circle Drill. It's safe to say you are well acquainted with the importance and need to perform this drill; what we've done is make it super simple to set up and made it Dynamic (by way of measurable variable distance) to challenge and motivate your student or athlete. The Circle Drill can now be made dynamic with two lengths of tethers that allow you to set up dozens of different patterns that are measurable and repeatable.

Dynamic (measured variable distance) putting with the Circle Drill is now yours to control.
With the Eagle and Birdie accessory kits, you have dozens of putting patterns to challenge and motivate
your student or athlete; no longer is the Circle Drill static.


New Technology is how we break with convention and the x36 Pro Putt Trainer is no exception.
Step 7 of the program is the absolute best putting drill ever created for speed and distance control; the S-Drill. We designed (using measured variable distance tethers) a 4 step progression that steps the student through this putting drill in 3 foot increments starting at 3 and ending at 12 feet.

There is simply no better drill
(which is measurable and repeatable) to provide for your students or athletes to acquire the FEEL for perfecting that distance control, or putting it another way; dialing in the weight or stroke to learning that 3 feet of separation for each distance. Over time the repetition of this drill will provide the consistency needed for the student or athlete to become so attuned with these 3 foot variables that they will master these variable distances and begin to sink more birdie and eagle putts then they ever thought possible.

Truely new and exciting! The S-Drill will have your students dialing in their distance and speed control with unmatched precision. And this is only one of dozens of patterns you will utilize in your program... you'll think of plenty of other great patterns to challenge, motivate and stimulate your students; before long, they'll be asking to putt and won't that be a nice change.

So what are the Benefits that will help your program?

  • A standardized product based approach to teaching putting mechanics that provides a logical progression and may be tailored to the students or athletes needs
  • As you detect and correct the putting stroke you can quickly reinforce a concept by having the student or athlete practice a skill in the putting mechanics circle without having to stop and reset
  • Repeatable and Measurable drills that provide instant feedback to the student or athlete; your able to see quickly a strength or weakness and either exploit or correct it
  • The step-by-step approach literally has the student stepping between drills like a circuit; making this putting practice dynamic
  • You move between drills with incredible ease and can easily change terrain or approach to the cup to increase difficulty with the same drill or to reinforce a concept
  • Each product comes with its own tracking sheet which allows you to track results (scoring) from day-to-day, over a week, over a month or even a year
  • As scoring is now available student and athlete baselines can be established allowing for personal bests; the best way to motivate your student or athlete is to challenge them to better themselves and compete with their teammates
  • Set up that's quick and easy; this saves you time and allows for more time practicing and less time setting up drills
  • Visually appealing, the look and set up of the products make the students want to use them

And to top it off, just pull up on the flag stick for ball removal... isn't New Technology Grand?

LOOK,the simple truth is you want to motivate and stimulate your students to practice putting. Our products are PRODUCTS OF CONVENIENCE that will ensure consistent, standardized putting practice, will make your life easier and provide a lot of fun and enjoyment for your students or athletes.

Note: More videos and drills using this product may be seen on YouTube. Search for: "X36 Pro Putt Trainer"