eGolfRing set - YELLOW 1', 2', 4', 8' with carry bag

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The YELLOW eGolfRing golf target set features even numbered rings. The 1-foot ring would be the landing ring and the 2-foot, 4-foot and 8-foot rings would go around the hole. The YELLOW set is intended for advanced level players, and like the white rings, double in size and may be used for scoring challenges. The YELLOW golf target set comes with a medium green drawstring bag.  

1-foot ring. Still a precision target and also still good for putting distance control. Use as a landing zone or place the ring so it touches the front of the hole when practicing on slower greens.

2-foot ring. Usually, the smallest size to put around the hole. This would be like the outer bulls eye target where if you don't make it in the hole, it's a tap in. Also good for chipping for beginners as a landing target.

4-foot ring. Part of the yellow eGolfRing set. Recommended as a real challenge if you can already hit it in 6-foot ring.

8-foot ring. For beginning to intermediate players trying to work their way down to getting the ball inside the 6-foot ring, this 8' diameter ring provides a moderate challenge and is good as an outer zone if you are doing a point system for scoring your shots.

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