Homerun SwingFan - Used by former Championship winning, All-Star Major Leaguer Cliff Floyd!

Size: PRO (30 IN.)
Sale price$188.00 CAD

Homerun SwingFan

The PRO bat is 30 inches long and has 6.5 x 16-inch fins.

The Youth Bat is 27 inches long and has 4 x 17-inch fins.

The Homerun SwingFan is one of the easiest and most effective products for increasing distance and control available anywhere because it produces maximum resistance at impact. Pick up this Baseball swing fan trainer and you'll be on your way to a better swing technique, faster bat speed & a higher batting average

The Homerun SwingFan works using air resistance. The four-finned design produces maximum resistance right as you swing through impact. Unlike weighted bats - YOU do the work!

Because the Homerun SwingFan baseball swing speed resistance trainer stands up by itself, it is much more likely to be used than stuck in a closet. It looks so inviting when you see it that it begs to be swung. Think of how much, how hard, and how often, just like lifting weights. Swing it to exhaustion every couple of days. Since this baseball swing power trainer has the benefit of increasing strength, you want to break down your muscles and allow them to rebuild. You can swing very aggressively, and a typical workout routine might be to start with 2 sets of 25 reps swinging at about 70% effort. After a week build to 3 sets of 30 reps and you can start firing harder through impact. We also suggest swinging left-handed for a set, so you don't overbuild one side of your body.

The Homerun SwingFan has two primary sizes Pro and youth with the youth fins being a little narrower. The youth model is suitable for anyone over the age of 8 and is used by some men who want more speed training than strength training. Pro and Youth’s replacement fins can be purchased in sets of four.

Two additional notes that are relevant to your training. Although the primary function of the Fan is to build baseball-specific muscles, you can swing it on 'non-training' days just to retain the swing sequence (hips, torso, shoulders, arms, hands, bat) without fatiguing yourself. While you wouldn't want to swing it 100 times before playing, it would be fine to swing it at 50-60% effort just to get the feeling of engaging your core while maintaining a smooth swing tempo.

The PRO bat is 30 inches long and has 6.5 x 16-inch fins.

The Youth Bat is 27 inches long and has 4 x 17-inch fins.


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