Perfect Roll Mirror

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Perfect Roll Mirror

The Perfect Roll Mirror is a compact, low-profile putting mirror that helps you improve your putting stroke. It is just 1/8" thick, so your putter head and stroke are not elevated as with some other mirrors. The mirror measures 6" wide x 12" long, so it is easy to store in your golf bag and take with you to the practice green.

The Perfect Roll Mirror has a beveled entry port that makes it easy to roll a ball to the same fixed location every time. This helps you develop consistent setup and stroke mechanics that will lead to more made putts.

The mirror also includes tee holes that can be used to secure it to the putting green if desired. These holes can also be used as stroke guides for putters with a 5 ½" head or smaller.

White and green lines on the mirror provide additional feedback on your stroke path and the squareness of your putter face. These lines complement the TrueSquare™ slots through the impact zone, which help you ensure that you are making square contact with the ball.

The Perfect Roll Mirror is a portable and functional training mirror that is perfect for improving your putting stroke. Order yours today and start making more putts!

Here are some additional benefits of using the Perfect Roll Mirror:

  • Helps you develop a consistent putting stroke
  • Improves your stroke path
  • Ensures that you are making square contact with the ball
  • Reduces common putting mistakes
  • Makes you more confident on the green

If you are serious about improving your putting stroke, the Perfect Roll Mirror is the perfect training aid for you. Order yours today and start seeing results!

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