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The PGA Teaching Manual: The Art and Science of Golf Instruction, published in 1990, was written over a period of roughly two and one half years by Dr. Gary Wiren, PGA master professional. A Committee was formed to send in information and contribute thoughts and ideas as Wiren proceeded solely with research, organization, writing and the selection of visual materials for the golf instruction manual.

The 619 page book was written not so much as a "Manual" as the title would suggest, but rather as a reference book. It covered everything from the History and Evolution of Golf Play, Instruction to the Rules and Etiquette, to Finding Pleasure in the Game. It reveals the Science Related to Golf (as known at the time) to the Psychology of Learning and Playing, Physical Training, Teaching Groups and Special Populations, while covering all the basic shots in the game. But most importantly the PGA Teaching Manual: The Art and Science of Golf Instruction created a Teaching Model, LAWS, PRINCIPLES AND PREFERENCES which has been a cornerstone for the golf professional's approach to teaching worldwide. That model is still to this day widely accepted.

The PGA training book never intended to teach a method, but rather sought to provide the professional with "ways" rather than a "way" to best help a player. That flexible approach simply recognizes that the people who come for instruction are all different, and that creativity in one's approach is needed to service the greatest number of people.This design follows one of the most powerful quotes in the book, "This is my way. What is your way? The way doesn't exist." (The philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche) For its time, the PGA Teaching Manual: The Art and Science of Golf Instruction will be universally recognized as the most influential book ever written for teachers of the game.

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