FLYT Swing Extender

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Improper position in the backswing is one of the most common flaws in the golf swing, and one of the most difficult to correct without a teaching aid like the Swing Extender.

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Designed and produced by PGA Professional Tommy Brannen, the Swing Extender golf swing trainer limits the amount the player can bend his or her arm to 90 degrees.

By limiting the bend in your right arm to 90 degrees at the top of the swing, the Swing Extender creates a straighter left arm (for RH players), a better shoulder turn, a wider swing arc & greater shot control. It is truly amazing that with less effort but the better mechanics of a full extension golf swing, it is possible to drive the ball longer & straighter.

The Swing Extender golf swing trainer may be worn right or left-handed by golfers of all ages, sizes & skill levels. The product secures to the bicep with a single hook and loop strap making it easy to put on and take off and because it is light weight and contoured, it doesn't feel mechanical at all. An extremely effective product for adding power and consistency to your swing!

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