The Connector by Sure Golf

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The Connector is more than just a swing trainer; it's a comprehensive solution for mastering all aspects of your game—from putting and chipping to pitching and full swings. Perfect your fundamentals and elevate your game to the next level.

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Introducing the Most Versatile Training Aid in Golf 

  • Correct Body-Arm Synchronisation
  • Suitable for ALL Skills

  • Assured Swing Performance Enhancement
  • Improves Compression
  • Learn by Sensation, Not Information
  • Unique Soft Memory Foam Construction

“I invented The Connector to help golfers to become efficient and effective across all skills from putting and chipping all the way through to full swing. The Connector encourages Tour like impact alignments and trains the correct feelings between the arms and body to achieve a consistent, compact move and the correct compression for each skill. This in my opinion is the biggest key difference between pro’s and Am’s” - Dan Frost The Connector Inventor & Tour Coach

Suitable for ALL Skills

Roll it Pure...Hit Crisp Chips...Flight your Pitches...Compress your Iron Shots...Launch your Drives...The Connector up-skills all aspects of your games for a radical shift in performance.

Perfect Body-Arm Synchronization

The Connector effortlessly trains the correct arm structure to work in unison with your body. This unified action is the cornerstone of all effective golf swings, laying the groundwork for perfect fundamentals.

Powerful Impact Alignments

The Connector illuminates the path to creating powerful impact alignments, which results in significantly more compression—the key difference often seen between amateur and professional golfers.

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