Tour Feel JR Swing trainer

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Discover the Tour-Feel by Sure-Golf: a groundbreaking training aid crafted from the insights of the world's elite golfers and top coaches.

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The secret to a masterful golf swing lies in its width – a fundamental yet often elusive element. Tour-Feel simplifies this crucial component, allowing you to achieve and internalize tour-level width through intuitive sensation. Our uniquely patented training aid is designed for effortless integration into your routine, fostering a new, enhanced, and effortlessly repeatable swing that naturally transitions from practice to play. Elevate your game with the precision and finesse of a Tour Pro; embrace the Tour-Feel experience.

As a coach, I’m always interested in the common denominators of success, the patterns, movements and intentions that sit under the hood of great players. I invented the Tour-Feel to allow golfers to experience the sensation of width all the way from takeaway to finish creating an effective, consistent swing that worked against the common narrow to wide swings that seem to be a disease, creating a nation of slicers. The feeling of width is key to creating more rotary swings with superior sequencing and the Tour-Feel does this without complication. - Dan Frost Tour-Feel Inventor & PGA Professional
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