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The Tour Rotation Stick is the preferred golf alignment stick for Tour professionals. This swing rotational device is the perfect golf training aid to help with body rotation through impact with chip and pitch shots, and also helps perfect rotation in the full swing.

Color: RED 60mm

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Tour Rotation Stick (new V2 model)

New as of Novemeber 2021 TRS comes in 2 sizes.

 RED = larger for standard and midsize grips (60mm)

ORANGE = smaller for junior and ladies sized grips (55mm)


The Tour Stick's unique thumb roll grip attachment makes it easy to fit and easy to use so you no longer need to hold a traditional golf alignment stick against the grip or push a cane down the grip. As a new feature on the 2021 models, the screw is secured to the unit vs. being a separate piece. This is a huge benefit if you've ever lost your screw on the original!

The TRS is silent and leaves the hands free to hold the grip to keep the drill as natural as possible.

The videos below are of the original TRS model. We will have updated videos soon, but we JUST received the new training stick models this week (mid-November) so give us a few weeks. The pictures show the new model and also will be updated by the end of the month. These will definitely sell out so it you want one before Christmas, order now.





Thank you to Liam Bond for creating such a useful training tool!

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