Target Holes - Set of 3 discs

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Target Holes - Set of 3

The Target Holes are very thin rubber - 1/32". They are approximately the size of a cup. They are ideal for speed control drills. Learning to roll the ball over them to an exact distance will fine-tune your distance control. Use for practice on the putting green, home, or office. 



Great for practice and putting at different locations.

Purchased these for my daughter and she uses them on the putting greens when she is preparing for tournaments when the greens are marked for hole locations for the event. She plays for the University of West Florida and they seem to allow her to putt to the future hole(s) with a nice visual in lieu of just a little paint mark.


Such a simple tool for practice putting anywhere. We use this in practice rounds (on the course) prior to the event so we can see and putt possible hole locations on tournament day. Very simple to store and use, I highly recommend this product. 

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