Lag Putting

Lag putting, or the art of putting over long distances is a crucial skill for any golfer looking to reduce their scores and gain a competitive edge. This guide will provide you with advanced insights and practical tips to enhance your lag putting abilities, even if you're just beginning to explore this aspect of golf.

The Basics of Lag Putting

Lag putting is essentially the strategy used to putt the golf ball over a long distance with the goal of getting it close to the hole, ideally within a manageable second putt distance. Success in lag putting reduces the risk of the dreaded three-putt, which can inflate your golf scores significantly.

Understanding Distance Control

Distance control is the cornerstone of effective lag putting. It involves the ability to judge how much force to apply to a putt to ensure that the ball stops near the hole. Beginners often struggle with either hitting the ball too hard or not hard enough. Practicing distance control involves not only developing a consistent stroke but also becoming sensitive to the speed of the greens, which can vary greatly from one course to another.

Reading the Greens

Reading the greens is another vital skill for lag putting. This includes assessing the contours of the green, understanding how they will affect the path of the ball, and predicting how much the ball will slow down as it approaches the hole. Pay attention to the grain of the grass and how recent weather conditions might have altered the speed or roll of the greens.

Lag Putting Tips

Techniques to Enhance Your Lag Putting

Improving your lag putting involves a combination of technical skills and mental strategies. Here, we will explore both to help you get closer to the hole with each long-distance putt.

The Right Stance and Grip

The correct stance and grip are fundamental to executing a successful lag putt. Your stance should be stable yet flexible, allowing your shoulders to move freely while keeping your lower body still. The grip on your putter should be firm but not tense, with your hands positioned to promote a smooth, pendulum-like swing.

Developing a Smooth Stroke

A smooth, rhythmic stroke is essential for consistency in lag putting. The goal is to make a stroke that is controlled and repeatable, focusing on moving the putter back and through at a consistent pace. Avoid jerky motions or changes in speed, which can lead to mis-hits and poor distance control.

What is a Lag Putt

Practice Drills for Better Lag Putting

Consistent practice is key to improving any aspect of your golf game, including lag putting. Here are some drills designed to enhance your technique and confidence on the greens.

The Circle Drill

Place a circle of golf tees around a hole at a radius of about three feet. Practice putting balls from various distances with the goal of getting each ball to stop within the circle. This drill helps refine your distance control and teaches you to handle pressure, as making these putts consistently can significantly reduce your score.

The Path Drill

Using two clubs, lay them on the ground parallel to each other and wide enough apart to barely allow your putter to pass through them. Practice your stroke ensuring that your putter stays within the path defined by the clubs. This drill improves your stroke alignment and helps ensure that your putter is moving straight back and straight through toward the target.

Training Aids for Lag Putting

To further refine your lag putting skills, incorporating training aids can be highly beneficial. These tools are designed to provide feedback and reinforce proper techniques, helping you develop a consistent stroke and improve your distance control.

The Putting Arc MS-3D

The Putting Arc MS-3D is a highly acclaimed training aid designed to enhance your putting stroke by promoting a natural, consistent arc. This device helps you to understand and replicate the inward stroke path that many professional golfers use. By practicing with the Putting Arc MS-3D, you can train yourself to maintain the putter head on a consistent, curved path throughout the stroke, which is critical for achieving precise directional control and optimal roll.

Golf Rings

Golf Rings are an innovative and straightforward training tool designed to improve your putting accuracy and consistency, particularly in lag putting. These circular rings are placed around the hole on the putting green to create a visual target zone. The concept is simple: by aiming to get your ball to stop within these rings, you can practice controlling the distance and direction of your putts more effectively.

Perfect Roll Mirror

The Perfect Roll Mirror is a valuable training aid designed to enhance your putting technique by providing instant visual feedback on your alignment and eye position. This tool consists of a mirrored surface that you place on the ground, aligning it along your putting line. As you set up for a putt, the mirror allows you to check that your eyes are directly over the ball and that your putter face is square to the target line.

Integrating These Skills into Your Game

To effectively integrate lag putting skills into your game, it's important to practice under conditions that mimic actual play. This includes practicing on different types of greens and in varying weather conditions. Always aim to simulate the pressures of a real game by setting goals and tracking your progress over time.

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