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For over 35 years, has supplied amateur, competitive and professional golfers with the most effective golf training aids on the market. Our selection of golf training equipment is the largest in the world and encompasses every aspect of the game.

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Top Selling Golf Training Aids

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Want to know which golf training aids are the most popular among your peers? Check out our top-selling golf teaching aids below.

Power Shift BoardPower Shift Board
Sale price$114.99 USD Regular price$124.99 USD
Power Shift Board
The Divot Board - Patented Swing Path TrainerGolf Divot Board
Sale price$99.99 USD Regular price$139.99 USD
The Divot Board - Patented Swing Path Trainer
Tour-Feel Swing TrainerTour-Feel Swing Trainer
Sale price$99.99 USD Regular price$109.99 USD
Tour-Feel Swing Trainer
Golf Impact Bag® by Dr. Gary WirenThe Impact Bag by Dr. Gary Wiren
Sale price$54.99 USD
Golf Impact Bag® by Dr. Gary Wiren
Putting Arc MS-3DThe Putting Arc on the Green
Sale price$89.99 USD
The Putting Arc MS-3D
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The Connector by Sure GolfGolf Swing Connector
Sale price$99.99 USD Regular price$109.99 USD
The Connector by Sure Golf
Putting Arc T3The Putting Arc T3
Sale price$49.99 USD
The Putting Arc T3
Sale price From $114.99 USD
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Swing Plate Dual Pro by Jamie BrittainSwing Plate Dual Pro
Sale price From $129.99 USD
Swing Plate Dual Pro by Jamie Brittain
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Draw Board Golf Training AidDraw Board Dimensions
Sale price$109.99 USD
Draw Board
The Sure-SetUsing the Sure-Set
Sale price$99.99 USD
The Sure-Set
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Sure-Strike by Sure GolfUsing the Sure-Strike

On Sale Golf Training Aids

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Need to save some cash but can't stay away? Find the best deals on top-rated golf teaching aids below.

eGolfRing Golf RingseGolfRing Golf Rings
Sale priceFrom $6.99 USD Regular price$36.99 USD
eGolfRing Golf Rings
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Golf Swing Teaching & Training Mirror (Swingreflect Foldable 2x4)Golf Mirror
Sale priceFrom $229.99 USD Regular price$300.00 USD
Golf Swing Mirror Training Aid (Swing Reflection Foldable 2x4)
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Saber Golf TrainersSaber Golf Trainers
Sale priceFrom $99.99 USD Regular price$109.99 USD
Saber Golf Trainers
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Greens Professor
Sale price$7.99 USD Regular price$39.99 USD
Greens Professor
Flight Deck DUO, Flight Deck TOUR and Flight Deck KITFlight Deck DUO, Flight Deck TOUR and Flight Deck KIT
Sale priceFrom $49.99 USD Regular price$99.99 USD
Flight Deck DUO, Flight Deck TOUR and Flight Deck KIT
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Slide Guide
Sale price$18.00 USD Regular price$39.99 USD
Slide Guide
Scratch Stick & MagnetScratch Stick & Magnet
Sale price$49.99 USD Regular price$99.99 USD
Scratch Stick & Magnet

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At, we only work with the best golf training equipment brands in the industry to ensure you get products that work. Before featuring a brand's products, we test every piece of golf practice equipment ourselves to ensure it works as intended and adds value to your training efforts. We're just as passionate about golf as you are – let us use our extensive knowledge to give you the competitive edge you need to beat the competition. Every piece of golf practice equipment serves a different purpose to improve your game. Whether you want to elevate your form with full swing aids, improve your accuracy with short game aids or ensure you finish every game strong with putting aids, you'll find the perfect golf training tools at Browse our entire selection of golf training aids today.