We are no longer selling SNAG Golf products. We are pleased to announce our partnership with PGA Tour approved Short-Golf! For your convenience, we have created an item by item comparison.

(No Longer Available)

Product Alternatives

SNAG Balls 12-pack, SNAG Balls 100-pack ballz! (48-pack ShortGolf Balls With Carry Bag)
SNAG Bullseye Target, SNAG XL Bullseye Target katcha! Target
SNAG Coaching Bag wheela! Hold-All Rolling Carry Bag
SNAG Flagsticky Flagstick (Pack of 3)
SNAG Hoop Clock t-zone! Foldable Rings, 6-Pack in Carry Bag
SNAG Launchers: (Black, 35"/ Red, 34"/ Blue, 30") hitta! Clubs (Ages 8 - Adult)
SNAG Launchers: Green, 26"/ Purple, 22" hitta! LITE Clubs (Ages 3 - 7)
SNAG Launch Pad t-mat! (For Use With hitta! Clubs)
SNAG-O-Matic hanga! (4-Pack With Carry Bag)
SNAG Rollerama grabba! Target (36" Foldable Target)
SNAG Rollers puttr! (All Age Groups)
SNAG Tees (Pack of 3) teez! (Ball Holder for t-mat!)

The fun doesn't end here! Short Golf offers even more fun and exciting products for your star golfers.