Lock-in Golf Grip (LockIn Golf Grip)

Lock-in Golf Grip (LockIn Golf Grip)

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Lock-in Golf Grip

(Note: only the small size remains available)

Finally, a product that FORCES you to grip the golf club correctly every time. Set this golf club grip trainer to practice hooks, draws, fades and slices, or set it to go straight! You can even set it to practice bunker shots.

Whether you have a weak grip like Ben Hogan and Corey Pavin, or a neutral grip like Jack Nicklaus and Ernie Else, or a strong grip like Paul Azinger and Lydia Ko, the Lock-in Golf Grip will FORCE you to grip the golf club the same way every time. Find what works best for you and “lock it in”. Then, get that muscle memory!
The Lock-in Golf Grip FORCES the back of your leading hand and heel pad to be positioned properly on the golf club grip. Then, simply take your other hand and cover up your thumb with your palm. 
Any golf professional will tell you that the proper grip is the most important aspect of the golf swing.
Golf club grip trainer comes in two sizes
Large: Most adult hands & larger (no longer available on our site)
Small: Smaller (men's small) hands and most kids
Right-Handed Player: Fits on the left hand
(only small right-handed is currently available on our site)