The Stable Stick (35") is a sports selfie stick, an easy to use accessory for your Smartphone that allows you quickly setup and record video. Its unique, patented design allows you to easily stabilize your smartphone by placing Stable Stick into grass or into any other receptive surface, and setting your Smartphone into the slot.

  • Adjustable phone adapter fits all phone width less than 8.5 cm
  • Length: 35 inches
  • Pointed tip at the bottom, makes it easy to insert into the ground
  • Easy operation, convenient to install and remove
  • Light weight, easy to take and portable
  • Smartphone or tablet not included

Have you ever wanted to record your golf swing or record football plays with your smartphone? With this sports selfie stick you can do just that and analyze the up-close footage! Imagine setting Stable Stick up during holidays and family gatherings. You can finally have video of the whole family to enjoy as the years go by without needing a person to operate the phone. This device is also much faster and easier to use than any iPhone tripod on the market today, taking less than three seconds to set-up!

The Stable Stick (Sports Selfie Stick) can be used for all the following:
Golfing, Tennis,?Volleyball, ?Soccer,? Baseball, ?Cheerleading, ?Football,? Baseball?, and Special occasions with your family and many other activities!

So, try our Stable Stick for 30 days and if you don't absolutely love it, just send it back - No questions asked!

Instructions to operate your Stable Stick

Step 1: Take your mobile device and turn your video recorder on.
Step 2: Place your mobile device in the adjustable phone mount.
Step 3: When you've completed the video recording, remove your mobile device from the Stable Stick. Turn off your video recorder.
Step 4: If your mobile device has the capability to trim the video recording, you may trim and save it for future reference.

Yes, this will hold the iPhone 6+, iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S5, Note, etc.