Ultimate Workstation

Ultimate Workstation

Full Swing Aids


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Teaching Pros! Do you want to be able to address multiple swing flaws and power leaks with one golf swing tool? Then you need "The Ultimate Work Station" by Ted Sheftic. The Ultimate Work Station is a golf swing aid that gives a student instant feedback on Swing Plane, Weight Shift, and Balance, letting the player synchronize his arms and legs to create a fluid, synchronized swing like the top pros.

Some specific swing flaws that can be corrected with The Ultimate WorkStation golf swing aid are as follows:

  • Prevents crossover at the top of the swing.
  • Will allow you to swing on the correct plane on the backswing and downswing.
  • Prevents over the top on the downswing (Outstanding for golfers that swing into the ball to steep!)
  • Prevents coming too far inside on the downswing (No more getting "stuck"!)
  • Keeps the body centered on both the backswing and the downswing (No more "swaying" and "sliding" during the swing!)
  • Helps stabilize the back knee throughout the swing to create power and balance from the ground up (Keeps weight on the inside of the back foot!)
  • Promotes proper left rotation on the follow through to a balanced finish (Allows for a powerful release of the club head while staying in balance. No more follow through Power Leaks!)
  • Maintain Spine Angle throughout the swing.

These are just a few of the advantages of the Ultimate Work Station golf swing tool. Its ease of use allows you to fix many issues during one lesson. The Student "feels" the proper swing moves immediately! Any student, from beginner to pro,will benefit from the Ultimate Work Station!